Access to the digital version of the PRISS Scale

The digital version of the scale is designed to be completed under the supervision of a clinical professional or researcher, who must request access to the questionnaire by filling in the basic data that will be requested at the following link: However, any user can complete the scale, accessing it the same way.

Once the required information has been completed, a link will be automatically sent to the email that will allow access to the PRISS scale in digital format. This same access can be used to evaluate as many interviewees as required. Each professional will assign each interviewee a consecutive number that will be the one included before completing the scale.

Each time the scale is completed, a brief report will appear at the end of it with the interpretation of the results obtained.

The digital version complies with all information confidentiality requirements. The data registered in said platform will be stored in a database attached to the University of Malaga and the information collected will be used in future research studies. Each interviewee is free to choose whether to give their consent or not before completing the scale. If you do not agree that your data is stored for research purposes, you can complete the questionnaire and obtain the report, but the information will not be recorded in any database.

This study has been approved by the Malaga Provincial Research Ethics Committee on 07/21/2016.

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